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Putting Pen to Paper – Step One

At the back of my mind has always been the call to action: just write! Simply writing any gibberish will do in the first instance. Getting myself in the habit of putting pen to paper, or moreover, pounding away on the keyboard, for something other than the slavish demands of my nine-to-five. Sadly, my nine-to-five is more typically an eight-to-seven. So, merely the act of diligently putting in the time to spill my creative guts is sufficient, in the first instance. I think I prefer the tactile sensation of pen and paper. But I must embrace technology, anon.

Motivation has always been the difficulty, because who wants to sit at their desk all day, only to return to that same desk in the evening, in the hope of getting creative? Transience has always been the enemy at the gates – and none of us are getting any younger. And we all know that time flies (tempus fugit). Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Time slips away from us all, until one day you realise that you are actually losing all this time to an institution that would replace you in a heartbeat. We should be working for ourselves. Could we be embracing what we love and cherish in this world. I should be more… me.

Dead manuscripts

Like many people out there in the wide world, I have written plenty, in what seems like the distant (or discordant) past. With poetry I have tried to be more fluid and less of a perfectionist. But when it came to prose, I was always my own worst critic. I would write almost half a novel before deciding it was not quite right and consequently scrapping the whole thing! I have crafted, laboured on and ultimately killed more than a handful of manuscripts.

Getting my mojo back

In order to get my mojo back and push some impetus into my writing, I have decided to diversify. Looking at different modes of writing with the hope that this pushes me forward to a horizon of my own making, instead of maintaining or towing the company line. So, I have temporarily pushed aside my affair with the more undulating forms of the English language, in order to look at blogging and copywriting.

Each is as different as the other. In my crafting of stories I have a penchant for the colourful metaphor, for the descriptive narrative and for the meandering logic and deeper affinity with things, sensations and a whole gamut of adjectives. In my latest unfinished novel I have managed to squeeze in the word somnambulant into the first sentence of the first paragraph. That sets a tone.

Brevity you say?

Story telling is a far cry from the impactful brevity and alliterative anthems of the copywriter. In blogging, which should be the easiest thing in the world, I already feel that I have hit the choppy shoals of what promises to be a fairly deep and daunting sea. One flipper in front of the other is the only way to navigate the shallows. In copywriting, brevity is king.

To begin my journey, I have enrolled on to a copywriting course with the College of Media & Publishing. This already has proven interesting and a natural evolution between my day job and my aspiration to write for a living. Only time will tell as to whether I set my sail in to new territories, or merely use this as a springboard for getting myself back on track with my previous goals. Similarly, I am hoping that the board of spring doesn’t change mysteriously into a gangplank before my eyes.

A final note, in this briefest of introductions, my hope is that you follow me in the canyons and peaks of what should be an interesting exploration of the spoken word.

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