Having always been something of an artist. I moved away from fine art towards creative writing. Dabbling with poetry, with half written novels and with a spot of copy editing. I had hoped to become a journalist at one point and actually won myself a job as a trainee reporter. But circumstances prevented that particular career from taking root.

As with most people, I ultimately found myself working in a job that I never had any aspiration to be in. And so time rolled on and I excelled in my role as a Sales Engineer in a multi-national company. I made it work for me; as we all tend to do. But as things changed for the better in my life, so I wanted to return to my original aspirations. And so I began writing again, in my spare time. Time was a critical commodity, but I also wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. So, I have taken up courses in blogging and copywriting – which are proving to be completely different disciplines – almost the antithesis of my core skill.

These are all new lessons for me and ones I hoped to share and learn from as I go. So, I thought it wise to share my ongoing lessons and hope to share my experiences that will push me toward what I hope is a brighter future. Words in progress will help me (and hopefully you) make inroads towards a creative future. A bit of blogging; some lessons in copy writing and sharing my road toward being less of a perfectionist and actually publishing my first novel.

Whatever lies ahead, I am already acutely aware of a steep learning curve – forcing myself unrepentantly out of my comfort zone. Hopefully, we can all learn and grow together.